Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Theresa Marie Model Ship Project


Hey everyone. We'll I've taken the plunge into the deep end of this hobby and ordered SC&H's Cruiser class brig kit on June of 2012. I learned a lot working on my 1:36 scratch-built HMS Beagle but I'm ready for something larger and more reliably designed.

The Theresa Marie will be a generic brig of the Napoleonic era in 1:24 scale. This model will be big: 7 feet long, 6 feet tall and weigh in at 72 pounds, big enough for the lakes around Indianapolis while still fitting inside our SUV.

She'll be crewed by a large group of 3 inch action figures (aka the Theresa Maries). Maybe one will be named after you.

The plan was to follow the SC&H specs and not attempt all the modifications that popped into my head -- but that changed soon after I started my build. Some of my changes include raising and enlarging the poop deck and forecastle, adding closed gunport lids, a mermaid figurehead and two other mermaid statues, windows for the transom, swivel guns, a propeller drive unit and lots of little extra details here and there.

After several breaks from the build the Theresa Marie is finally ready for her maiden powered test sail, once the weather gets warmer that is. Look for it in early Spring, 2017.

Here are some pics of the progress so far.

Comparing my 1:36 Beagle and V-32 sailboat with the new girl in town.

The ship's namesake helps to clean off tape residue from gluing in the deck.

Current muster list: 34 passengers and crew:  Captain, 3 officers, 1 midshipman, 2 dignitaries with 1 attendant, 1 surgeon, 1 blacksmith and 24 seamen.

The Theresa Marie's namesake inspects the new forecastle and poop deck.

Six months since I ordered my brig kit and almost 20 weeks of build updates later...

With gallows bitts in place I can see what she looks like with the boat.

A year and a half into the build.

Week 1