Week 1: The Delivery
W2: Servo Deck & Stand
W3: Stern tubing
W4: Gun port lids
W5: Deck support
W6: Deck hatch
W7: Deck fittings
W8: Installing the deck
W9: The Big Step
W10: Sirens, Scuppers, Figurehead
W11: Stems and Shins
W12: Bowsprit, Plans, 1st Naming
W14: Forecastle rail
W16: Forecastle
W17: Swivel guns
W19: Poop deck
W21: Wall and trim
W22: Lids and Cabinets
W23: Channels, steps, catheads
W24: Paint, Pin racks
W25: More paint, nameplate
W26: New figurehead, windows
W27: Paints and plans
W28: Water test
W29: Bottom painting
W35: Rudder
W55: Restart
W56: Cable port, Keel
W57: Deck fittings
W58: Anchors and Masts
W60: Wheel and bitts
W62: Blocks, Fairleads
63: Anchors, Tops, Tessie!
64: Caps, Ladders, Bell
65: Cannons, Crew, Door
75: Chains
77: Binnacle, chains
Dec 2016 Update

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