Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Week 12: Bowsprit, Plans, First Naming (Oct 12-18, 2012)

Bowsprit prep. For some reason it was a wee bit sad to take my Dremel and rattail file to the pristine bow to cut the groove for the bowsprit to rest in. After making piles of fiberglass dust, the deed was done. Adding the bowsprit will increase the length of the model by another 9 inches, but may help protect my figurehead(s) from damage in the shipyard. Now I just have to make sure my foster dogs don't cause some mayhem (aka "the dog ate my bowsprit!").

The instructions have you mount the bowsprit so it can be taken off for transport (or "decommissioned" in their words). So I need to decide whether to go that route or mount it more permanently.

Next I assembled the bowsprit bits and rest. For now I just temporarily positioned the bowsprit in place, but oh what a happy thing to see.

Cutting the groove for the bowsprit.  I try not to inhale the fiberglass dust.

Forecastle plans. I'm leaning toward making an extended forecastle deck with two manned bow chasers oriented forward: the Theresa Marie's fangs. It will certainly make her look distinctive, especially with six or more figures manning the guns. I'm picturing the Theresa Maries and guns being in "pursuit in high seas" action stations.

So knightheads, catheads, anchors, fore course... all those details will need to be positioned around the bow chasers and figures. I'm also leaning toward making the forecastle railing thinner than the 1/2 inch bulwarks to allow a little more deck space.

Extending the forecastle from 4 1/2 inches to a more gun friendly 7 1/2 inches.  Many details to work out before I proceed.

The forecastle will certainly have a distinctive look with manned bow chasers.  If I go this route then all the Theresa Maries and guns will be positioned in 'pursuit in high seas' action stations.

First Honorary Naming. Meanwhile, 1925 miles away from my shipyard another person started building their own SC&H Brig kit at the same time I did: Tim Bowman. The Theresa Marie is hull #032 while his is #033. Tim is one awesome builder who uses a 3D graphics program and can custom produce plastic pieces.

After seeing the absolutely gorgeous cannons he's making for his HMS Scorpion (which will be firing real black powder cannons!) it was clear we had to name one of our ship's figures after our fellow builder: Tim "Panzerfaust " Bowman, Master Gunner of the Theresa Marie.

(And yes of course there will be a Lieutenant Dan and namesake for everyone here who has provided helpful advice. Just have to decide which will be which.)

Introducing Tim 'Panzerfaust' Bowman, Master Gunner of the Theresa Marie. Rumors suggest he comes from a Pirate past and bought his commission with plundered Spanish gold. Only Bowman knows for sure...

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