Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Week 17: Swivel guns (Dec 17-23, 2012)

Swivel guns. These took some time to finish. Getting the ten 38mm long cannons from Model Expo to simulate one-pounder swivel guns was easy, if a little expensive at $3 each. The challenge was how to make and attach the handle and mounting structures that could survive the "bump & bucket rule": having a bucket of water hurled at it again and again, while also getting bumped by something solid.

I ended up using the wooden wheels the cannons came with for the side mounting pieces. A thick "cut tack" was then epoxied directly to the underside of the cannons to make the mounting base, which was sunk into a solid 1/4 inch oak dowel for the posts. After some experimenting and researching I decided to omit adding a handle for now, since I kind of like the way it looks as is.

The oak posts were then pinned and epoxied to the fiberglass lip while also being wood-glued to the inside of the rail. At some point I might also attach a thread between the cannon and deck as a backup in case the gun does get knocked off.

Eventually I'll add the other six swivels along the sides, probably on short posts directly on the main rail.

Swivel guns: 38mm cannons.  Wooden wheels.  Cut tack.  Nail.  1/4 inch oak dowel.  Epoxy.

Four swivel guns for the forecastle.

Swivel gun clamp day.  Pinned and epoxied to the forecastle's fiberglass lip and wood-glued to the rail.

Paint colors still to be decided.  Mostly black I'd assume.

Four swivel guns on the forecastle.  Now the Theresa Marie has fangs and teeth.

Man the swivels lads!

Starboard forecastle guns at the ready.

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