Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Week 19: Poop deck (Dec 24 - Jan 6, 2013)

Raising the poop deck. The sides and transom pieces were made by gluing together four 1/16 inch basswood sheets, clamped along the ship to get the right curves. These were pinned and epoxied to the fiberglass lip. Basswood strips were then bent and shaped onto the tops to form the planking outline for the deck.

I think the plan is to use pinned oak dowels to reinforce the structure from the back and provide a base for the removable deck to sit on. If there's enough room I might end up adding a curved top piece to the transom to restore the original elegant shape.

The poop deck pieces were made by gluing together four basswood sheets, clamped to the ship to get the right curves.

The bottom of the transom piece had to be shaped to fit.  If there's room I may add a curved piece on top to get the more elegant shape back.

The transom piece was pinned in place with a slight overlap, and then sanded to fit.

Sanding the sides of the poop deck and leveling the tops.

Adding the top planks to form the outline of the poop deck.  The transom part required some shaping.

Rough version of the poop deck sides in place.

Poop decking. The actual poop deck was made from 1/8 inch birch plywood and planked with 10mm basswood strips. Like the forecastle, I painted the sides of the planks black to give a little more highlight.

The poop deck ended up being 8 3/4 inches long. I haven't decided if I'm going to place the front wall directly under the edge and cover the #10 gun port, or set it back an inch or two to create an overhang like the HMS Beagle had. Ah the fun of building before all plans are made.

The poop deck was made from birch plywood planked with 10mm basswood strips, painted black on the sides.  The over-planking was then sanded to fit.

Now we have a more proper sized poop deck.

Haven't decided if I'll make the front wall flush with the edge, or have an overhang.

Progress update. Now that it's been over six months since I ordered my brig kit and almost 20 weeks of build updates I guess now is a good time for pause to see how far the Theresa Marie has come.

My initial fast build rate has taken a six or seven week detour to add a larger forecastle, poop deck and some swivel guns. A few more weeks and I should be ready to get back to the spec build. ETA for first sail is still hopefully spring or summer of 2013.

The Theresa Marie's namesake inspects the progress.

The Theresa Marie sporting her new forecastle and poop deck look.

Things are looking pretty much like I was hoping they would.

We'll see how much my additions will interfere with the spec building plans.

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