Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Week 21: Wall and trim (Jan 7- 20, 2013)

Poop deck front wall. Measuring and shaping the wall proved harder than I thought. The single basswood piece needed to fit the curve of the deck, the slight incline of the bulwarks and trim and the edge difference for the raised bulwark addition. I left openings on either bottom corner so water could flow out from under the poop deck to reach the scuppers on the main deck.

The front of the wall was planked with 10mm basswood strips. I'll eventually add a door and maybe some windows, but to get things rolling I epoxied and wood-glued the wall in place. Enough planning, time to move forward.

Now that I see it in place I think I might lose the #10 gun positions to allow more room on the quarterdeck. So I'll probably make a wall to cover the gun port openings and add some shelves or pegs or something. Details, details, details.

Inner rail trim. Before adding the birch wood strips along the top insides of the bulwarks I needed to do some fixes on my not-exactly-perfectly-done bulwark installation. I had to add some thin wood strips and epoxy here... and drill down some bulwark and flange edges there... Epoxy seemed a good option for gluing the strips in place.

Once the rail trim is painted everything should look ok, but I'll hate painting over that beautiful wood grain. Actually I still haven't decided what color the bulwarks and main rail will be painted yet. I'm still leaning toward white bulwarks with either a black or brown railing.

Shaping the poop deck's front wall was a real bear.  Some epoxy and wood-glue should make everything look nice and tight.

The new plan is to cover the #10 gun ports with a wall.  I'd rather have a nice looking quarterdeck with extra furnishings and several Theresa Maries than two cramped guns.

More cannons. Captain Tim of the HMS Scorpion was kind enough to give me two cannons and two carronades from his kit, since the Theresa Marie will need either two or four more guns than the supplied 18. Now I just need to decide if I put the different looking carronades on the forecastle or underneath.

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