Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Week 22: Lids and Cabinets (Jan 21-27, 2013)

Side cabinets. The #10 gun ports were converted into cabinets using basswood, brass nails and epoxy. Not sure if I'm going to paint this the same color as the bulwarks or not.

Making the side cabinets from basswood and brass nails.

Goodbye #10 gun ports.  Hello side cabinets.

More detailing to be done on the wall.  Plus decisions to be made about paint colors.

Gun port lids. Attaching the lids was a two part process. First I glued the basswood pieces directly onto the pre-scratched hull using superglue and epoxy. Then I drilled a hole through the center of each rhombus and epoxied in a cut brass nail all the way through the hull. I didn't make any extra lids, so hopefully this will keep everything securely attached.

(And yes, eagle-eyed observers of the gun port lid positions might notice an intentional anomaly to avert future issues with the channel positions and to make things a wee bit simpler. Hush, hush.)

Prepping the hull for a good glue bond.

Your captain filling the drilled holes with epoxy before placing in the brass nails.

Scupper cleanup. I filed down the extra white epoxy on the outside openings to the scuppers and applied some black paint -- the first paint on the hull. With the gun port lids finally in place I'm itching to paint the hull's black and white bands, but I want to wait until everything that needs to be glued on is in place.

Behold ten closed gun ports.  Scupper holes filed down and painted.

Do I paint the centered nails white or some other color?  We'll see.

Now I'm itching to start painting the hull, but I want everything that needs to be glued on done first.

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