Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Week 25: More paint, nameplate (Feb 11-17, 2013)

More painting. Lots of painting this week: catheads, forecastle, swivel guns, knightheads, timberheads, main rail, inner rail, bulwarks, pin racks and poop. These models sure have a lot of terminology, but fun, fun, fun. I even had a couple of helpers to speed things along.

Bulwarks. Taking Dan's advice I coated the waterway strip with a 50/50 mix of clear epoxy and denatured alcohol, same as the channels. I ended up painting the bulwarks red (tapestry wine) and the inner rail trim brown (espresso). Looks like I'll need 72 screw eyes for the cannon tackle. Glad I pre-drilled all the holes.

Nephew and Namesake doing some painting.

Gluing in the pin racks.

Taping and painting.

What a difference a brown rail can make.

Going for the freshly painted look.

Waiting on painting the stern sides until I decide on doing quarter galleries or not.

At some point I need to water test and actually pin the deck stuff in place.

Nameplate. I found some 1/2 inch wooden letters I liked at I was concerned about them falling off so I made an attachable nameplate with a border to actually wedge the letters in place. It adds some extra detail to the transom so double bonus.

Three pins and some wood glue/epoxy later... it was nice to finally see THERESA MARIE on the ship.

1/2 inch wooden letters from for the nameplate.

Nice to finally see THERESA MARIE on the ship.

Quarter galleries? Thinking about it so I didn't paint the stern end. I'd probably make a match for the transom windows with a slanting roof, sides and bottom. We'll see.

Week 26