Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Week 26: New figurehead, windows (Feb 18-24, 2013)

New figurehead. Alas, while I liked the way my combo mermaid and water dragon figurehead turned out, I couldn't get over the idea that it was just too small for the ship. So after a lot of searching I came across a 5 inch mermaid figure from an artist called Amy Brown. The polystone figure has a nice body arch that compliments the curve of the bow pretty well.

So I painfully pried off Tessie the mermaid and carved down Nessie the water dragon. Sigh. I might try adding Tessie to the transom or possible galleries along with another Netsuke carving later.

I had to cut the mermaid's twisting tail off but other than that she was good to go. Three pins looked to be good for securing her in place. I suspect I'll be replacing the leading arm at some point, but boy does she look beautiful right now.

Not sure if I want to try adding a split tail on either side, like the Starbucks siren has, or make a single tail hanging straight down to where the bowsprit lines are suppose to connect. Either way I think it's a big visual improvement from a distance from what I had before.

Prying off Tessie the mermaid.  Sob.  I confirmed that she had been VERY solidly attached.

Many hours were spent to find this future figurehead.  Nice work Amy Brown.

Except for the twisting tail she was perfect, well worth the search.

Cut off the tail, added three pins and the new figurehead was good to go.

Starbuck looks awesome.  Not sure if I'll add a tail or not.

Might paint the hair black at some point.  Good for now.

The reaching arm is a concern.  A Theresa Marie might have to make the ultimate sacrifice if it gets broken off and lost.

Transom windows. About half a year after making them... I finally got to the point of installing the transom windows. After scribing some transom plank lines and prepping the surfaces with lots of little holes I glued them in place.

The plan was to drill a hole and secure an L screw under each window, the closest thing I could really do to pinning. But once I had the windows on, I realized their bottoms were actually lined up with the deck. Not a good place to drill four holes. So I made a bottom shelf out of epoxy to hopefully give the windows a little more support.

Now that the windows are in place they look a little too big and not very well crafted. I did some touch-up with my X-acto knife to get them as good as I could. I think my "it looks good from X feet away" number keeps getting larger lol.

(Is there a cartoonist in the house. Here's my idea: I man with an r/c transmitter and a skipper hat is yelling at people at the shore next to his model ship. "Stand back! Stand back!" When someone asks why, he says "Cause my boat only looks good from a distance.")

So I decided to put making quarter galleries on hold for now and finish painting the hull. I really want to get the Theresa Marie water tested and figure out the rudder and propeller soon so I can actually get her in the water by spring.

Lots of little holes to assure a good epoxy bond.

Transom windows in place 6 months after making them.

Looks better from a distance.  I'm not the most talented modeler in the world, but still have lots of fun.

Things you don't see every day.  For some reason I used mirrors for the windows.

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