Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Week 28: Water test (March 4-10, 2013)

With snow outside I decided to do my first water test inside the house using a dog crate tray to catch the water. In case you're wondering, these ships are too big to fit in the bathtub or shower.

To prep I applied two coatings of Olympic Waterguard to the deck wood, and did a good vacuuming and cleaning of the inside of the hull. Then I taped over the deck holes and access panel. I'll check for its water tightness later.

I set the stand and ship inside the plastic tray and slowly poured a pitcher of water onto the deck, making sure to get water flowing everywhere. These scuppers drain super fast. Then I did a careful check of the inside of the hull looking for leaked water.

Verdict? I was happily surprised to not find a single drop of water in the hull. Once it gets warmer I'll do the test again outside where I can use more than a pitcher of water. For now, three cheers for all that epoxying I did.

Foster dog Zorro eyes Starbuck suspiciously as I prep for the water test.

Scuppers in action!

Our dog Boomer wonders if any water got inside.

Verdict: Bone dry inside!  Nice to finally get the Theresa Marie's deck wet.

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