Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Week Two: Servo deck and stand (Sept 3-9, 2012)

Servo and mast mounting blocks. I drilled holes in the three different sized wooden blocks and screwed in the servo bolt inserts. Not entirely straight, but should work ok for securing the servos later. Had to sand one of the blocks slightly to get them to all fit together on the servo deck. The mounting block for the main mast also needed some sanding inside to get it to slide down snug with the servo deck. After checking and re-checking the placement order, I glued them down using a light application of marine epoxy.

Templates taped on top of the servo blocks before drilling.

Servo deck.

Stern tube. You're given a three inch pvc pipe and a paper pattern. I cut out and taped the pattern onto the pipe, drilled a dozen holes along the pattern's edge, cut through with a knife and sanded the edges smooth with my Dremel. Walla, one stern tube.

The stand. I finally found a use for the wooden light box that had been sitting in our attic for the last 15 years. I took it apart and after some fun time with my jigsaw and hand drill it became the Theresa Marie's building stand. Once she's closer to completion I might spiff it up a bit.

Drive pod. Meanwhile I got Rick's awesome looking drive pod in the mail from Love the Captain Nemo propeller look. Not entirely sure how I'll be attaching it, but lots of time to figure that out.

New stand. Drive unit and rudder inside. Stern tube in upper right corner next to servo blocks.

Week 3