Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Week 3: Stern tubing (Sept 10-16, 2012)

After three weeks I'm still on page one of the 20 page assembly instructions lol. Forward ho!

Gunwale scoring. Next up was to give some more detail to the inside of the gunwales. Using a ruler and pencil I drew lines and carefully cut them with my trusty X-acto knife to score simulated planks. Worked pretty well but took a couple of hours to finish.

Scoring went well with the bulwarks. The hull looks to be more of a challenge.

Some practice bending the bulwarks in place. Looks to be a challenge. More clamps please...

Stern tubing. After finalizing the stern tube's shape I summoned the courage to take drill in hand and drill the big hole where the rudder will connect up into the hull. It seemed to go pretty well using small drill bits at first, then larger ones and then finishing off with some careful filing with an emery board.

After measuring the location with the rudder in place I glued down the stern tube with marine epoxy. After it had dried I filed out the rest of the hole. So far so good. Guess I'll find out later if I screwed something up.

We have stern tube and rudder.

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