Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Week 55: Restart (April 29 - Sept. 15, 2013)

After a five month break from working on the Theresa Marie...

Rudder arm. I drilled two tiny holes and glued in two equally tiny hook-eyes into the top of the rudder shaft adaptor. I can now secure the rudder's arm with a rod and take it off and on as needed.

Rudder servo. Next I glued the mounting tray for the rudder's servo upside down on the inside of the poop deck wall. A line or rod will then connect the servo's arm to the rudder's arm.

After recharging my transmitter battery I powered things up and did a quick test on the rudder. It works! The memory setting on my Futaba 7C is still the Beagle. Ah memories.

Figurehead repair. As expected the figurehead's leading arm got broke. So I decided to turn Starbuck into an armless mermaid. Sorry Starbuck. I used epoxy to add more flowing hair where the arms would have been, and carved the details before it had hardened. It'll work for now.

Attaching some eyehooks to the top of rudder for securing the arm.

Clamping the tray for the rudder's servo.

Servo in place.  Now to figure out how to connect it to the rudder's arm.

Did a quick test with some fishing line.  It works!

Starbuck without arms.

The Theresa Marie is starting to look spiffy.

Week 56