Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Week 56: Cable port, Keel (Sept 16-22, 2013)

Aft access port. I drilled a hole through the deck behind the poop deck wall and epoxied in a 3/4 inch pvc tube. I'll use this for all the aft cables: rudder servo, drive unit, any future goodies I might add, and possibly a bilge pump. Since it will be hidden by the upper deck I made it a full two inches tall to keep any sloshing water out.

3/4 inch pvp pipe for aft cables and possible bilge pump.

Keel rods. Next I took hacksaw in hand and, after careful measuring, cut the 1/2 inch ss threaded rods that will secure the 41 pound keel to the bottom of the ship. I had to do some scoring with a screwdriver to clean up the groves, but it was easier than I was thinking it would be.

Then I found where I had been storing the launching cart for the last year and put the keel in, along with a 3/4 inch oak board to keep it snug. Then on went the Theresa Marie, who weighs less than the keel. I drew some lines onto the keel and ship where the rods openings lined up, and carefully inserted them. Then I screwed the threaded barrels on top. By George, it looks like it works.

Only problem is the back of the keel extends past the rudder's bottom plate, that was attached by SC&H, leaving a small gap. Not sure if I should just leave it or file off part of the keel. Glad I cut the rods long enough either way.

One year later I finally used the launching cart.  Oak board keeps the keel in place.

It fits.

Unexpected gap between the keel and rudder mount.

Ready for a float test.  Feels like progress.

Upper deck supports. Added some pegs and siding rails to support the forecastle deck and poop deck. Not sure how I'm going to secure them in place. I still have some cables and rigging lines that need to go up through them somehow.

Pegs to support the forecastle.

Rails to support the poop deck.

Naming day. In honor of one of the local players in my Wolves of the 7 Seas brotherhood from the Pirates: Tides of Fortune game we have a new Theresa Marie recruit: Papaw Rigsby! Because every man who dresses up like a pirate should have an action figure. Arrr....

Papaw Rigsby, notorious pirate of the feared Wolves of the 7 Seas joins the crew.

Had to get one shot of the wolf over Papaw's shoulder.

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