Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Week 57: Deck fittings (Sept 23-29, 2013)

Deck fittings. It's been almost a year since I assembled and painted most of the ship's deck features. This week I cut the black plastic that goes inside the three hatches to make it look dark through the grate, and glued them in place.

Next I drilled and epoxied in brass pins for the hatches, gallows bitts and capstan. After very carefully measuring I drilled holes in the deck and glued everything in place using epoxy for the pins and wood glue for the wood. To finish I applied epoxy on the underside of the deck to each slightly protruding pin.

Nice to see the deck looking more like a ship and less like a dance floor.

Forecastle lock. I made a simple jury-rigged looking locking mechanism to keep the forecastle in place with some screweyes, wooden bolt and rubber band. To any non-expert it should just look like some ship's rigging.

Brass pins for securing the deck fitting in place.

Epoxy on the underside of the protruding pins.  Gallows are handy for setting it upside down.

A simple locking mechanism for the forecastle.  Good enough for now.

With gallows bitts in place I can see what she looks like with the boat.

Still need to make 72 wooden wheels with pins for the cannons.

The Theresa Marie is coming along.  She needs some masts.

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