Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Week 58: Anchors and Masts (Sept 30 - Oct 6, 2013)

Anchors. The kit comes with plastic stocks and arms for two large and two smaller anchors. In the supplied directions from SC&H it actually says this about the smaller set: "We don't normally put ours on for sailing as they're just another hook to get caught."

With that in mind I decided to just make one set of anchors by shortening the larger anchor stocks, shortening the smaller anchors arms, and then gluing them together in parallel instead of perpendicular. This way they can fit flat against the bow with the stocks sitting on top of the catheads and not get in the way of my bowchasers, swivel guns or gun ports. Maybe not prototypical, but I think it looks better than awkwardly draping them over the bulwarks.

Next I scored up the plastic stocks to look more like wood grain and painted them brown.

I went for a shorter and less-in-the-way style of anchor.

Masts. I took out all the supplied masts and spars and started figuring out what goes where. It looks like my shipyard and stand are just the right size to fit the topmasts on without hitting the ceiling. The stand will have to go on the floor for the topgallants.

I've also reached the point in my build where I decided to take out the unused kit parts from the shipping box and push the shipyard back against the wall. Made the Namesake happy.

The masts are designed to bend back on a hinge for easier transport, so I cut the six wooden pegs that are used to lock them in place along with two metal pegs and did some sanding until everything fit together. I plan to install the masts that way, but hopefully she'll fit in our Escape with the main masts in place.

Lots of things need attaching to the masts and spares like jibboom saddles, jibsheet blocks and numerous brass pins that I'll need to figure out before proceeding. But just seeing the main masts and bowsprit in place sure makes a difference in her look.

Boomer was suspiciously interested in my masts and spars.

Figuring out what is what.  More maritime terms to learn.

What a difference the masts make.

I can almost see her sailing into a sunset.

I'll build her to fold, but hope I won't have to.

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