Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Week 62: Blocks, Fairleads (Oct 21 - Nov 3, 2013)

Blocks. I cleaned up all the blocks for the masts and attached the screw inserts for the lower sections. I then set the lower masts in place and attached the blocks. This was frustratingly difficult at first, but I finally got it to work by using several flashlights and taping a mirror to the inside of the hull to see.

Under deck blocks in place.  Took some doing.

Fairleads. These are made from clear polypro plastic tubes. Several of them needed to be bent using a soldering iron. I now own a soldering iron.

I ran some line down each fairlead to its corresponding block. It is very hard to thread something while looking upside down into a mirror. Once it looked like everything lined up pretty well I epoxied the fairleads in place.

Aft fairlead in what looks like a lunar surface.

Just another day at the Theresa Marie shipyard.

Threading the blocks while looking at a mirror was tough.  The Namesake had more success.

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