Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Week 63: Anchors, Tops, Tessie! (Nov 4 - 10, 2013)

Anchors. I finally decided on a place to affix the non-prototypical anchors. I used two pins on the forecastle rail to secure them in place and added the anchor ropes and some securing lines. I'll add the blocks and rigging for the catheads later, and possibly another securing line through the hull around the arms.

The Theresa Marie's first spider web of ropes.

I know it's not prototypical, but I'm really digging the Trireme Eye look the anchor placement is starting to make.

Boom and block. Next I inserted the brass pins that will connect the driver boom to the main mast via a rubber tube. Then I added the foremast's jib sheet block. I had to position it a bit higher because of my raised poop deck.

Pins for the driver boom and the block for the jib sheet.

Tops and masts. I assembled the fighting tops, glued and pinned them to the masts and painted them black. Then I cut and glued on the pre-printed sheets to their top to simulate planking.

The fighting tops taking shape.

Tessie Returns. While trying to decide how to finish off the ends of my forecastle railing, and inspired by a pair of dog carvings on the main rails of the tall ship the Kalmar Nyckel, I decided to salvage my original figurehead and pin her to the end of the port rail. I'll get another for the starboard side. The Theresa Marie will be well guarded by mermaids.

Kalmar Nyckel's watchdogs.  Eyes open to sea, closed facing in.

Tessie returns.  I'll get another for the other side.

The Theresa Marie will be well guarded by mermaids.

Theresa Marie back story. So what's with all the non-prototypical details and expensive looking ginger work appearing on the Theresa Marie? Well... the ship was commissioned by the Countess Theresa, a rich and powerful Italian American who said, "Build me a ship as I have seen in my dreams." And just like that... all non-prototypical details and expensive-for-a-brig extras are explained. And since I don't have the skills, tools and experience needed to make a museum quality piece, I'm shooting more for a fun ship to wow the kids -- and myself.

Build me a ship as I have seen in my dreams, says the Countess.  Best view on the ship.

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