Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Week 64: Caps, Ladders, Bell (Nov 11-17, 2013)

Lower masts. I used a small amount of epoxy to hold the lower masts and mast step plates in place, using the tops as a guide to get the right rake for the main mast. Shouldn't be too hard to pry it off in the inconceivable event I need to remove them.

Caps and eyehooks. I added the caps for connecting the masts to each other and started screwing in the many eyehooks for the masts and spars. I'll take Ray and Dan's advice and put the extra long connecting rods on the spars instead of the masts and attach a washer onto each rod to keep the masts level. Good to have such a wealth of experience to draw from.

First glimpse with the tops, jib, boom and a little rigging in place.

The look with 20 Theresa Maries onboard.

Each group of Theresa Maries will be doing some activity.  Little scenes to spark the imagination.

At some point I'll need to at least finish the bottom of the boat.

Good heavens, the Countess Theresa may have the vapors!

Ladders. Next I assembled and painted the ladders for the forecastle and poop deck. I had to remove one rung for the forecastle ladder and add one for the raised poop to make them fit, a happy little serendipity. Both ladders were reinforced at the back and pinned to the removable decks.

Another typical day at the Theresa Marie shipyard.

Meow. I bought a pair of "see no evil, speak no evil" cat pins potentially for the ends of the catheads. It didn't look quite right there so I added them to the sides of the bulwarks underneath the poop overhang to guard the Captain's cabin. More ginger work for kids of all ages to discover onboard.

The crew must see no evil and speak no evil when approaching the Captain's cabin.  Fun little details that make me smile.

Ship's Bell. I opted for the Liberty Bell we bought while at the Liberty Museum in Philly. Seemed appropriate -- with the cracked side hanging in the back of course, hung under the poop deck overhang. Arr, she be a patriotic ship. Speaking of which...

Liberty Bell from Philly's Liberty Museum.

Veteran's Day Naming. In honor of a former sailor and now deceased brother of the real Papaw, Able Seaman Sam has been added to the crew of the Theresa Marie. I fashioned some mugs and a jug so they can forever be drinking and toasting onboard with Old Glory flying high overhead.

Able Seaman Sam joins the crew as a small way to honor Papaw's deceased brother and former sailor.

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