Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Week 65: Cannons, Crew, Door (Nov 18-24, 2013)

Cannons. I didn't like the results of my own attempt at making new wheels so I decided to keep the unpopular rubber ones. After some paint, superglue and copper tape the non-award-winning 18 long guns got pinned to the decks, along with the two carronades generously donated by Tim. Glad that's finally done. I put those carriages together 14 months ago! Next step will be some simplified blocks and tackle.

Installing 72 screw eyes took some work.  Glad I pre-drilled the holes before installing the bulwarks.

Carronades donated by Tim under the forecastle.

Finally the non-award-winning cannons are in place.  Last glimpse of a crewless ship.

Theresa Maries. With the cannons finally in place I finalized the location for the 22 action figures that made the cut. The 19 for the main deck got pinned in place. Hopefully one pin per figure will be enough to keep everyone onboard. The two top men and Lieutenant Dan will be in the masts somewhere.

They are organized into seven scenes of life onboard a brig, many of which are named after real people. Roll call please...

Captain, Shipwright Marty (from Pirates of the Caribbean movie), the Countess Theresa (the Namesake of the ship) and handmaiden Betty (niece's friend) discuss the weather from the Quarterdeck.

Midshipman Knotbob, the incognito Alice Williams, (niece) reporting to the Captain for navigation class -- well after I make a tiny sextant anyway.

Master Gunner Bowman (Captain Tim of the Scorpion), Able Seaman Ray (Paratrooper of the Surprise), "Skipper" (from Gilligan's Island) and Unnamed #1 working a cannon.

Bosun Papaw (Wolves of the 7 Seas) and Able Seaman Sam (his brother) having a few drinks.

Astrid (niece) and Unnamed #2 and #3 working some rope on deck, with Unnamed #4 and Unnamed #5 preparing to trim some sail in the tops.

Carpenter Carl (friend) and Carpenter's Mate Lila (sister) fixing something.

Cabin girl Sara (niece), Powder Monkey Anna (niece) and Trevor (cousin) tending to the ship's prize lambs.

Lieutenant Dan (Captain of the Syren) on tops, scanning the horizon for pirates to take as a bounty.

So total visible crew: Captain, Lieutenant, Gunner, Shipwright (and sailing master), Bosun, Midshipman, Carpenter, Carpenter's Mate, 1 dignitary with attendant, 9 seamen/women, and 3 boys/girls. Arrr.. she be a female friendly brig-of-war.

19 Theresa Maries getting pinned.  3 left for the tops.

Deck crew finally in place.

Lots of crew details to divert attention from all my shoddy craftsmanship.

Captain's cabin door. I made a simple door and painted the wall caramel. I'll add more details later. Good enough for now.

Not sure what color to paint the door.  More details to come.

Lucky Charm. As a little shout out to my parents I added a pair of four leaf clovers for the ends of the catheads.

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