Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Theresa Marie Model Ship Project

Week 75: Chains Nov 25 - Feb 2, 2014

After a lengthy break from the Theresa Marie...

Twins. After modifying their bases both of my mermaids were pinned onto the main rail.

Anchors. I was finally able to figure out a position for the anchors that didn't block anything. So I remade them perpendicular and pinned them in place.

Reworked the anchor.  Looks a little better.

Chains. A real pain in the butt and the cause of much procrastination and delay. I finished the eight for the starboard shrouds anyway. 20 more to go. Here's why it takes so long to 1) figure out 2) actually do.

You have to cut brass wire, bend them around plastic blocks, secure them in place with heat shrink and a soldering gun, hammer the ends flat, drill holes for screws, paint or color them with a marker, scrape paint off the hull, superglue the flat ends in place, screw holes through hull and epoxy screws in place, epoxy exposed screws inside hull to ensure water tightness, touch up with more epoxy and finish painting.

Next you need to secure with line to the other block that will then secure the standing rigging to the mast with an adjustable bowsie or something.

Several builders reported having some of their chains come off while sailing so I've secured them way more than I probably would have otherwise.

On a personal note, I used my dad's old hammer and my father-in-law's old sledgehammer (as an anvil) for flattening the brass wire.

Used some old but special tools for working the brass.

Mermaids in place, chains at least started.

The chains are a pain in the butt.  8 done, 20 to go.

But at least some more progress being made.

New top for the shipyard's holding area.

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