HMS Beagle 1:36

The Fleet

“The Fleet” are my radio-controlled model ships, currently composed of three vessels.

The Beagle was my first r/c model ship, scratch-built starting in October of 2010.  The hull and figurehead were hand-carved from a pear tree limb.  She made her maiden voyage on July 2, 2011.  A good learning project for getting into the hobby of r/c model sailing ships.

V-32 Sailboat

I bought my Victor 32 in 2011 to get some sailing experience with an easier fore-and-aft sailing rig.  Great for a fun day at the pond.

Theresa Marie 1:24

The Theresa Marie is being built from SC&H’s cruiser class brig kit. This model is big: 7 feet long and 6 feet tall -- big enough for the lakes around Indianapolis.

The kit was ordered in June of 2012. ETA for first sail: spring of 2017.  I’ve made a huge amount of modifications on the kit so it’s taking way longer to build than anticipated.